Industry Presented Webinar: Carbohydrates, Performance & Weight Loss: Is Low the Way to Go or the Way to Bonk?

Presented by Dr. Glenn Gaesser, Ph.D. Moderated by Lynn Cialdella Kam, Ph.D, MBA, RDN, LD

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Carbohydrates, Performance & Weight Loss:  Is Low the Way to Go or the Way to Bonk? sponsored by Wheat Foods

Low carbohydrate diets are far from new. The Paleolithic Diet, Atkins Diet, the Dukan Diet, and to a certain extent, the gluten-free craze all limit carbohydrates either intentionally or because the recommended choices limit carbohydrate intake by default.  Most consumers gravitate toward low carb diets to manage body weight, while others choose gluten-free or follow a Paleolithic diet because they believe it’s healthier. Even endurance athletes including triathletes, marathoners, ultra-runners are turning to low carbohydrate diets believing that this will enhance performance by increasing fat burning efficiency.


Dr. Glenn Gaesser is a professor of Exercise and Wellness in the School of Nutrition and Health Promotion, and is director of the Healthy Lifestyles Research Center, at Arizona State University.  Professor Gaesser has had prior academic appointments at the University of Virginia and UCLA.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

Professor Gaesser’s research focuses on the effects of exercise and diet on cardiovascular fitness and health and his work has been published in scientific journals, trade publications, newsletters and Internet sites.  He is the author or co-author of several books, including Big Fat Lies: The Truth About Your Weight and Your Health (Gurze, 2002) and It’s the Calories, Not the Carbs (Trafford/Wheat Foods, 2004).

Professor Gaesser has given more than 250 invited regional, national and international presentations to a variety of professional, business, and lay audiences on the subjects of health, fitness and body weight, and is interviewed frequently by the media on these topics.  He has had a number of television appearances, including The Dr. Oz Show, Good Morning America, ABC’s 20/20, World News Tonight, NBC Nightly News, CNN, Dateline NBC, and dozens of regional talk/news shows.  In addition, he has been a guest on more than 75 radio shows in North America and has been interviewed for stories on body weight, fitness and health for more than 100 newspapers and magazines throughout the world.  In 1999 he received public service award from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders for his “dedication to and promotion of health and rationality concerning body weight and fitness.”

ACSM Moderator:

Lynn Cialdella Kam, Ph.D, MBA, RDN, LD – Assistant Professor, Case Western Reserve University

Dr. Kam joined Case Western Reserve University in 2013 as an assistant professor in nutrition.  At CWRU, Dr. Kam is engaged in both teaching and research with a primary focus on sports nutrition, wellness and women’s health.  Specifically, her research has focused on developing practical strategies to alleviate the health consequences of energy imbalances as seen in obesity, disordered eating, and intense exercise training.  Dr. Kam is actively engaged in several national organizations including serving as American Physiology Society teaching Section’s representative for Physiologist in Industry, Student Research Award Chair and Social Media for Nutrition Interest Group for American College of Sports Medicine, and a representation on national task force on physical activity.

Viewpoints presented in this webinar reflect opinions of the presenters and Wheat Foods and do not reflect positions or policies of ACSM.

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Learning Objectives

By the end of this webinar, learners will be able to:

  • Advise clients on the optimal amount of carbohydrates to recommend for performance or weight loss
  • Accurately explain why or why not a low carbohydrate approach is appropriate for athletes or others
  • Discuss the research on carbohydrate metabolism and health, weight, and chronic disease and its impact on public health recommendations for carbohydrate intake

Course Content

Wheat Foods and ACSM Present: Carbohydrates, Performance & Weight Loss: Is Low the Way to Go or the Way to Bonk? - Video
Wheat Foods and ACSM Present: Carbohydrates, Performance & Weight Loss: Is Low the Way to Go or the Way to Bonk? - Test